Bandall’s SHOWTAB


Bandall’s SHOWTAB

Bandall’s SHOWTAB is designed to give you just that bit more. To add extra information, highlighting branding, promotions or coding, SHOWTAB is the answer.

SHOWTAB is a band, tab and optional print in just 1 step – an extra length of the exact same banding material is automatically sealed onto the band, allowing it to stand out for extra visibility.

– is an opportunity for branding, promotion and coding
– provides easy access to printed codes for quick scanning
– is the same material as the band – you choose how long

SHOWTAB can be
– bundling and labelling in just 1 material – making it easy to recycle
– eco friendly optinions – biodegrable, recyclable, compostable – and no adhesives

Printing is without interruption or slow down to the process



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