Wandel Packaging Group Blow Moulding GmbH

Wandel Packaging Group Blow Moulding GmbH

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The Wandel Packaging Group Blow Molding GmbH was founded as Plastikpack GmbH in September 1962 and is therefore one of the first manufacturers of extrusion-blown plastic containers. The first freely stackable canister was brought onto the market as early as 1965. Today the company has specialized entirely in the manufacture of hazardous goods canisters. In order to ensure compliance with the specified quality standards, we are a founding member of the “Gütegemeinschaft- Kunststoffpac-packing for Dangerous Goods e.V.”.
We are Europe’s leaders in the production of hazardous goods canisters and produce around 35 million plastic containers a year at two locations in Germany and France on more than 60 extrusion blow molding lines around the clock. The product range extends from the handy 2 liter to the 30 liter hazardous goods canister with optional sight strip and second opening for ventilation.
Our canisters are made from high quality polyethylene.


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