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Strubl Packaging is a medium sized family owned company which has been producing plastic packaging for more than 50 years. STRUBL produces 7000 tons of PE and PP and achieves a turnover of 15 mill EURO with 2500 customers in many different fields.
STRUBL produces all types of films on reel and all types of bags: Any material, product, dimension, thickness, quantity and specification is produced in a production process made up of blown film extrusion, flexo-priniting and bag-making. All products can be printed in exceptional quality up to 8 colour line/process.
STRUBL offers the Plug & Pack Packaging System – The innovative and flexible way of packing. Branches are: hobby, toys, clothes, furniture, tooling, medical/pharmaceutical, automotive, DIY etc.
The Plug and Pack System works with pre-formed (PnP-)bags. STRUBL is a system supplier for bags, machine and service. These bags are worked up in the purpose-designed packaging machine “PnP PRO”, where they are loaded, printed with variable data and sealed automatically. The use of pre-formed bags avoids long changeover times and the finished bag simply looks better. The PnP bag can be a functional bag or high quality with a special reinforced header in any dimension.


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