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As a partner of the industry, we supply highly innovative protective packaging specially designed for your sensitive products. In our headquarters in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany, product development, manufacturing and logistics are all combined under the same roof. With state-of-the-art machines, a streamlined management and in particular qualified contacts, new and proven innovations are implemented rapidly for your success.

The logical consequence of the increasing speed of developments in tech ology and economy is the shortening development and lifespan of your products, while the range on offer increases constantly. Additionally, packaging must always adapt flexibly to changing processes in product logistics. With our protective packaging systems, we are optimally prepared for this trend. Using specially designed standard programs, you can order protective packaging to meet your precise requirements in shorter cycles and in smaller amounts. In the case of new products, you just select a new size or replace an existing one.

With almost 10,000 square metres of storage space, we can guarantee a “just-in-time” delivery. If you sign a general agreement with us, we can produce large stock volumes. This ensures lower prices for you, and you can take delivery of smaller volumes. We deliver immediately from our warehouse, and you pay no transport costs. Constant adaptation to your products and your requirements – that’s what we call dynamic.


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