Element Logic Germany GmbH

Element Logic Germany GmbH

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Since 1985, Element Logic® has been optimizing warehouse performance.

We have extensive experience in designing and installing tailor-made solutions that streamline our customers workflow. Our robotic solutions, material handling systems, software and consulting services help improve our customers’ value chain, become more profitable and meet the end cus-tomer’s expectation of fast delivery. We optimize warehouses of all sizes in a wide range of indus-tries including electronic components, parts distribution, consumer electronics, 3PL, pharmaceuti-cals, apparel, sports equipment, and more. Element Logic is the world’s first, and largest Au-toStore®-partner.

The company is owned by employees, with the European Private Equity company Castik Capital as the majority owner. Element Logic is headquartered in Norway and operates worldwide with a turnover of over EUR 200 million in 2021.

For more information about our automated warehousing solutions and services, go to www.elementlogic.net and follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube.


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