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Bandall, a Dutch company and leader in its field, designs, manufactures and exports worldwide its patented Bandall banding concept and machines for the automatic banding of products with paper or film strips.

“Branding by Banding” – the up to the minute, innovative concept geared to tomorrow’s market requiring environmentally friendly, inexpensive yet quality, lightweight packaging solutions to convey your product image and information.

Bandall banding is a new, clean form of labelling using the finest materials and provides anything from simple to full-colour luxurious and distinctive representation of your product – a marketing opportunity doubling as tamper evident packaging.

The Bandall is also ideal for shelf-ready and catering products, creating great reductions in packaging volumes – and therefore waste volumes – and offers a swift return on investment.

The Bandall is easy to use, clean, simple and inexpensive to maintain and is available from hand fed to fully integrated automatic solutions. Bandall International maintains a high level of professionalism and offers excellent worldwide delivery and service via a highly reputable dealer network.

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